Look before the curtains

As in previous years you can look over our artisans' shoulders while they create their work in the demonstration workshop. This year there are some special highlights!

Every day from 2pm to 7pm

Tues. 10.12. to Wed. 11.12. Doris Flurer Pottery and modelling clay
Thurs. 12.12. to Fri. 13.12. Josef Rienzner Wood sculptures
Sat. 14.12. Hans Steffin-Hierzer Drawing with pen and feather - workshop for children
Sun. 15.12. Johann Reisinger Cooking show with top chef Johann Reisinger
Mon. 16.12. to Tues. 17.12. Thomas Kästenbauer Wet-plate collodion, photography as in 1850. A special short workshop about the fascination of photography. A handicraft that is 170 years old - do it yourself.
Cost contribution:10€ for each kollodion plate produced.
Starts at 15:00, 16:30 and 18:00
Book at stand no. 74 please.
Wed. 18.12. to Thurs. 19.12. Dorothea Schenner Fulled wool
Fri. 20.12. to Sat. 21.12. Otto Kostner Modelling ceramic busts
Sun. 22.12 to Mon. 23.12. Franz Stadlhofer Wood carving

For workshops one has to pay for materials used.