Program overview

Program 2020


Due to Corona there will not be a stage show this year.


Children love driving around on the express rail trolley and looking at the rare domestic animals in the pen in the pond area of the market. Both young and old enjoy the caroussel of found objects which is also positioned in the pond this year.

Creative workshops in the yurts :
Star workshop in the large yurt in the pond area in front of the Karlskirche
Opening hours:
14-19 Uhr
Fr, Sa, Sun and holidays 12-19 Uhr

Painting workshop in the small yurt

Opening hours:
Fr. Sa, Sun and holidays 12-19 Uhr

Children will be looked after by professionally trained people.

PERFORMANCE Around the market place

Spectacular street theatre and the shopping experience for tired feet: couch shopping - with social distancing and mouth and nose protection.

Take a seat on our unique conveyance and let our manservant in costume take you round the market.
on 24.,25.,28th Nov. 3., 4., 6., 8., 9., 12., 17., 18., 20th Dec at 5:30 pm.

Soluna Rising and MovingActs at 6 pm
on 26., 27., 29th Nov. und 1., 2., 5., 10., 11., 13., 15., 16., 19., 21st Dec.

Vento Sul at 4 and 6 pm on 21st Dec


tägl. 14 – 19 Uhr mit wechselnden Vorführenden


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