The Stehauf-Schani

You will have fun when you meet our Stehauf-Schani.

Sometimes he falls over, gets off track, lies on the ground or swings himself up, only to daringly face the next overturn again. Humorous acts all over the market.

Around the market place
Begins at 5:15pm

20., 24., 25., 27. Nov.
3., 4., 9., 11., 17., 18., 22. Dec.

divina Diwan

Shopping like a VIP

Take a seat on our unique conveyance and let our manservant in costume take you round the market. He will surprise you by serving products on a silver tray. But don't worry - you don't have to buy anything. We just wanted to surprise you and show you that arts and crafts can make you happy. divina art offers you this free special shopping experience.

Around the market place
Begins around 6pm
Duration about half an hour

22., 23., 26. Nov.
1., 2., 6., 7., 10., 15., 16., 20., 21. Dec.

Soluna Rising und MovingActs

Soluna Rising and MovingActs "tell" the tale of an amusing Christmas with old Father Christmas, an angel and a "cantankerous" Christmas tree. Your dream of a special Christmas staged by Soluna Rising.

At the market place at 6pm.
Duration about half an hour

19., 24., 25., 29., 30. Nov.
3., 8., 9., 13.,  14., 17., 22. Dec.

"Der Werkelmann"

Our organ grinder with his Lerchenauer Organ will entertain you on many spots in the market.

Weather permitting our organ grinder wanders around the market place playing a great variety of melodies.

Performance dates